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Isla Mujeres aerial

Isla Mujeres Escape: Paradise Awaits

When looking for things to do in Cancun and planning your vacation, you’ll soon discover Cancun’s “little sister”, the island of Isla Mujeres. One of the most popular places for a day trip from Cancun, the island is laid-back, charming and oh so welcoming.

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres Mayan ruins

Isla Mujeres has a fascinating history, first as a ceremonial site for the ancient Maya making offerings to Ixchel, goddess of fertility. You can still visit the temple to Ixchel at Punta Sur, a stupendous feeling to be on the edge of the world with structures that are thousands of years old. In later years, the island was home to pirates, oh yes, I said PIRATES! Be sure to check out Hacienda Mundaca and learn the tragic pirate love story that left it in ruins.

For many years Isla Mujeres lived a quiet and peaceful existence, home to fishermen and their families and not much else. When tourism began to grow in Cancun, Isla Mujeres had its own spurt in visitors looking for an untouched paradise. Nowadays it has become a thriving small town with modern conveniences and so much to do for sun-loving vacationers!

Catamaran tours isla mujeres

Getting to Isla Mujeres is a breeze, there are multiple ferries running constantly throughout the day but the best way to see the island is on an all-inclusive Isla Mujeres tour! Your ferry, food, snorkeling, drinks, and bilingual guide await for the perfect Isla Mujeres day trip!

Beach lovers will fall head over heels for Playa Norte, the beach at the north end of the island. The calm, shallow waters of Isla Mujeres Playa Norte are perfect for floating the day away and the beach clubs will ensure you never go hungry or thirsty. You’ll find lots of yachts, catamarans and all manner of boats anchored just off the beach, it’s a popular spot to relax for some, party for others and definitely a great place to make new friends!

underwater isla mujeres snorkel

The island is a fabulous destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, the clarity of the water makes it ideal for hanging out with fishy friends. Be sure to explore the underwater sculpture museum MUSA, stunning works of art that are creating new corals and new homes for marine life. Mesmerizing! While you can snorkel right off shore, the best Isla Mujeres snorkeling is on a tour with a captain who will have his “hidden spots”, go with a pro for the best underwater adventure!

Isla Mujeres Garrafon Park

Other Isla Mujeres attractions include the Isla Mujeres turtle rescue center, Garrafon Park, Dolphin Discovery and the famous shell house. Rent a golf cart for a spin around the island, a great way to see it all and enjoy the majesty of the east side of the island in all it’s crashing waves on cliffs glory.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go to Isla Mujeres!